Due to California stay-at-home orders, our physical center is currently closed.
We’re continuing to serve participants online and via in-home visits per state guidelines.



GetTogether is an excellent place for elderly people. When my husband passed away, I was very depressed. Exactly at that time, GetTogether opened in an amazing neighborhood. There is a large park and a lake, with interesting waterfowl to observe, very close to the center where we often go. GetTogether’s staff pays great attention to the participants. I have attended GetTogether for 8 years. This is home for me; and let me say — the first home, not the second one. I would like to thank the staff for such a wonderful environment.

GetTogether has helped not only me, but also my daughter who is a single parent. My daughter is able to continue working without worrying about me. Before coming to GetTogether, I sat at home all day alone. I didn’t even get dressed. I fell twice since no one was there to help me. At GetTogether, I have not fallen once; I socialize with friends and feel alive again. I participate in memory games, which helps me concentrate. I exercise and go to the park. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
Now, I feel happy instead of useless.

The smiles here are my medicine. This Center has kept me alive. You can ask my doctors! I would not be alive if I were not coming to GetTogether. I do not go to the doctor as often because my health is monitored here. This is my life. When I see the sun in the morning, I wake up and look forward to coming here. I look forward to the driver picking me up. People help me here. I make jokes and people laugh and I feel joy. I can’t explain what it means to me to talk with people at GetTogether. I am old and I am able to help others during my days here. I am happier than money could ever make me.

What are people doing at GetTogether?  They have nursing, social work and physical therapist care. Also, they participate in a lot of activities, play different games (chess, checkers, dominoes, billiards, etc.), attend lectures, classes (art, music, computer, ESL, etc.) concerts or exercise. I’m 99 years old. At GetTogether, I took English and computer classes. Many people ask me: What is the secret of my longevity?  My answer is: “Love and respect people and yourself. Because you don’t work, have a hobby. My hobby is math, especially calculus. May your life be full and intellectual.”

After open heart surgery, my friends advised me to visit GetTogether Adult Day Health Care. I was alone and decided to go.  I have been going for 4 years.  GetTogether is not close to my house, but the drivers take care of us.  The buses are very comfortable. I speak a foreign language therefore I take English class. The staff is friendly and kind. I have many friends at GetTogether.

GetTogether is a wonderful place to come to. I get exercise, creative memory games and mix with people of different cultures. We share the joys and sorrows of life with each other. At GetTogether, I can get physical therapy and medical attention, which is needed. I have made friends with similar situations as mine.

In 2003, my doctor recommended to me to start attending Adult Day Health Care Center, and I followed her advice. Our day in the Center begins with visiting a nurse’s office where staff nurses measure blood pressure and blood glucose level, attend to other medical problems that many of us have. Under supervision of a qualified staff member, we do stretch exercises. The Center employs social workers who are ready to help with all our problems. Participants play billiards, chess, and other table games. Every day we go to a nearby park and enjoy a stroll around the lake. Looking at the beautiful vegetation, birds, and squares fills our souls with joy. We are served hot breakfast, lunch, and freshly squeezed vegetable juice. All meals are fulfilling, nutritious, and freshly prepared in the Center.

In 2007, I decided that it would be better for me to attend a senior citizen center located right next to my home. They had many different programs but only two for me: physical exercises and bingo twice a week. So after a short while, I returned to GetTogether. The programs here are more interesting and better answer my needs. The help of attentive and professional staff, delicious meals, and activities in the Center help me to live at home and enjoy my independence.

GetTogether is such a blessing to me. In my case, I have a back problem, shoulder injury, swollen ankles and the list goes on and on. At 93, with all the medications I’m required to take daily, I’m grateful to the nurses and all the staff at the Center who help me have better body movement. I look forward to coming to the Center so much to maintain the garden that we made here, and playing billiards. I thank everyone at the Center for their support, care and attention.

I love coming to GetTogether. The support I get concerning my health issues has made me feel more in control of my life. Of all the activities, I love billiards because I am able to compete and learn to be a better player. I used to play it when I was young. Now I am able to play with my son and grandson too. This is my favorite physical activity and makes me happy.