Due to stay-at-home orders, GetTogether physical location is currently closed.
We are continuing to serve our participants virtually and via in-home visits.

For Caregivers

GetTogether offers a comfortable and caring environment for your loved ones. Our specialized comprehensive program provides medical monitoring, continuous therapeutic supervision, individualized social activities, informative education on coping with the unique challenges of aging, as well as supportive assistance to the families. We want to enhance out participants’ self-esteem while making them feel connected to their communities. In our diverse and multi-ethnic community, we hope to bring many cultures together while enhancing quality of life and independence.

Eligibility Criteria

GetTogether’s program is designed to help anyone 18 years or older who requires assistance with their health in order to maintain or improve their ability to perform activities of daily living. Applicants must have demonstrated need for health care attention and will be assessed to determine if they can benefit from this unique program. We address problems associated with stroke, injury, accident, isolation, mental confusion, or other conditions that limit the quality of life.

The ADHC Program is reimbursed through Medi-Cal for qualifying applicants, paid by the individual or through the private health insurance carriers. Private pay fees are determined on a sliding scale for non-Medi-Cal participants.

We provide:

• Nursing care supervision and monitoring of medication
• Therapy designed to restore functions and to prevent deterioration
• Assistance with daily self-care activities
• Assistance with full-time supervision to assure safety
• Individual help in coping with age-related disabilities